Prove Yourself the Ultimate Fan of All with Geek Out! Disney – Available Now!

Self-proclaimed Disney fanatics can now pick up the game they’ve been wishing for! The Op Games | usaopoly’s Disney version of Geek Out!, a game for pop culture enthusiasts to prove the extent of their obsessions, is now available for fantasy and animated film buffs to show how much they know!

This nostalgic twist on UltraPro’s social interaction and bluffing game puts a trivia challenge in the hands of fans. The objective is to reach the “Finish” by out-bidding and completing challenges spanning almost a century of Disney magic. Knowing the most factoids will get you to the top—but get called on your bluff and you’ll lose the points!

120 List cards present players with topics that span five main Categories: Live Action, Pixar animation, Disney animation, Music, and Miscellaneous. A color-coded die determines the category of a challenge, then the bidding and brainstorming begins! 

Meet the minimum number of requirements on the card, or dare to drop more knowledge than you think your peers can muster. Just don’t bid too high! Geek Out! Disney is designed to encourage debate and discussion, making the most dedicated Mouseketeers question how much they know outside of their wheelhouse!

The game is made for 2-99 players ages 10 and up, allowing you to share laughs with the whole family or get to know new friends by playing in teams.

Prove yourself brave, truthful, and unbeatable to assert yourself as the ultimate Disney fan! Geek Out! Disney is available now at your favorite local game store or online retailer. 

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