3 Reasons to Visit The Op Games Booth at ChiTag 2019

The Chicago Toy & Game Week (better known as ChiTAG) officially kicked off in “The Windy City” this week! Not only is this fun-filled event the perfect opportunity to gain some inspiration for your holiday shopping list, but it also gives you the chance to play the games you’re interested in with the companies who made them. 

If you’ll be in Chicago for ChiTag this weekend, here’s why you’ll want to stop by Booth 507 and say hello to The Op Games! 

3 Games to Play at Booth 507 at ChiTag 2019 

1. Astro Trash

It’s time to take out the trash like never before! In Astro Trash, a fast-paced race in outer space, a sanitation craft has lost control of its messy collection and littered your planet with unwanted debris. Each player must get rid of all the trash on their home planet at the expense of the players to their left and right. 

Players simultaneously roll three dice and rapidly move the “trash” according to the direction, quantity, and color indicated on the dice. The first person to completely clear their planet of trash is the winner.

You’ll have to think fast during this game, or it’s down the garbage chute for you!

2. Blank Slate 

As the 2019 recipient for the Tillywig Best Family Fun award and Creative Child Magazine’s Preferred Choice Award,Blank Slate takes the cake when it comes to fun and authentic family gaming! 

In Blank Slate, you’ll choose one of 500 Word Cues and write down the word you believe best completes the sentence. For example, if your cue card reads “Snow ___,” your answer could be “flake,” “fall,” “storm,” or even “man.” If your word matches another player’s or multiple players’, you score points. No hints though! At the end of the game, the player with the most points wins! 

You’ll definitely want to stop by The Op Booth to demo Blank Slate and find out for yourself which of your family and friends you think the most like! 

3. Furry Foodies™


Cat lovers, say no more! This original light strategy game is for you! 

In Furry Foodies, you and up to 3 other players take on the roles of mischievous cats sneaking snacks! The goal is to snatch the most food by pushing plates off the edge of the table. Watch out for broken plates! They can hinder your score! 

At the end of the game, the feline with the most points wins. It’s the “purr”fect tabletop experience for a light and fun game night with your fellow cat people.

PSSST! When you stop by to demo the game at Booth 507, be sure to ask about the game’s tray! It’s also FURRY! 

Celebrate #OneMillionLaughs with The Op Games and Reality Moms

This year, we’re celebrating #OneMillionLaughs created through gaming! To commemorate the occasion, we’ve teamed up with Reality Moms for a month-long campaign filled with LOL moments, and of course, plenty of exciting games! 

You’re invited to take the #OneMillionLaughs challenge and participate in our celebration at ChiTag 2019! On Saturday, November 23 beginning at 10 am, your favorite comedian moms will be playing games and hosting meet & greets at Booth 507. 

See the full Meet & Greet Schedule now and find out when you can meet the moms in-person! 

Reality Moms Presents The Big Mother House of Laughs

Also in lieu of our #OneMillionLaughs celebration, the hilarious moms will be livestreaming their own game night from a private home in Chicago with fan favorites like Blank Slate and Telestrations

Join Meredith from “That’s Inappropriate” and a whole house full of social comedians and laugh along from the comfort of your own home.

We hope to see you at Booth 507 for ChiTag 2019! Even if you won’t be in attendance, you can keep up with all the tabletop fun by following The Op Games on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Also, don’t forget to use #TheOpGames and #OneMillionLaughs to share your own laughter-filled game nights and for a chance to be featured on our social pages!

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