Your Favorite Adventurers are Ready for Their Opening Move in the Disney and Pixar Toy Story Collector’s Chess Set – Available Now!

CARLSBAD, Calif. – October 10, 2019 – Bursting with nostalgia and bound for the tabletop, the Toy Story Collector’s Chess Set presents Pixar’s most unforgettable characters in a full-color and displayable collection for fans and game enthusiasts to take home today! 

USAopoly (The Op)’s brand new, officially licensed release features the most dependable and courageous toys of all time as classic Chess pieces for players to relive the thrill of their favorite scenes and strategies. The set includes figures from all four Toy Story films, custom sculpted in realistic poses.

Toy Story Collector's Chess Set

Rounding up Team Woody is the sheriff himself as King, with Bo Peep as Queen, Ducky & Bunny as plush Bishops, and Duke & Buttercup as Knights. Fans will also find smarty-pants Hamm & quizzical Forky as Rooks, while the Army Men stand at attention as Pawns. Leading Team Buzz Lightyear is “the return of the Astro-nut” as King, with western Queen Jessie, Mr. Pricklepants & Slinky Dog as Bishops, Bullseye & Dolly as Knights, Rex & Trixie as Rooks, and lastly Little Green Aliens as Pawns. Silhouettes of the lineup border the edge of a cheerful blue and white checked gameboard to remind players they’ve got a friend in these characters!

The Toy Story Collector’s Chess Set is for 2 players in every phase of life, from grade school to college. Have your name written on the bottom of the box before this colorful, bold, and quirky collection flies off the shelves of your favorite local game store or online retailer! For more information on this and other games, visit:

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