Pennywise is Back! Celebrating IT: Evil Below and Chapter Two

“IT” was an exciting start to September for The OP! 

In addition to the theatrical release of IT: Chapter Two, our team was very excited to officially make one of our newest co-op strategy games, IT: Evil Below,available to eager fans of Stephen King and boardgaming. 

Based on the events of the first film, this challenging horror game allows players to take on the roles of their favorite Losers’ Club members, outsmart Pennywise, and save the town of Derry from a looming threat. 

The members of the Losers’ Club may be all grown up in the newest film adaptation, but gamers have been excited to return to Derry and challenge the sadistic clown as their favorite characters’ childhood counterpart in IT: Evil Below. That’s why celebrating the second film could only mean one thing…GAME NIGHT! 

Here’s a quick look at some of the IT-themed fun surrounding the release of IT: Evil Below and IT: Chapter Two and how you can bring home the do-or-die cooperative strategy game today! 

Game Night at Alamo Drafthouse Los Angeles 

On Thursday, September 5, the Alamo Drafthousein Los Angeles commemorated the first screenings of IT: Chapter Two at their movie theater with a slew of IT-themed activities in the bar. Moviegoers and gamers alike were welcomed into the Video Vortex for demos of IT: Evil Below and the chance to win cool prizes. 

Plus, extra surprises such as photo opportunities, DIY crafts (create your own S.S. Georgie? Yes please!), and complementary balloon creations only accentuated the experience and further immerse gamers into the world of The Losers’ Club. 

Several visitors who stopped by to play or see the game already had their tickets to see the film that night, and their excitement for the movie only grew as they interacted with the activities and board game. 

We’re thrilled that so many fans of Stephen King’s horror masterpiece are impressed with IT: Evil Below. This event was a great way to kick off the release of a fun new game, along with that of a blockbuster hit, all in one night! 

Players Wanted: IT Game Night at Scum and Villainy Cantina 

Following the film’s opening weekend, Scum and Villainy Cantinatapped into the ITcraze with their own version of a game night in Derry. On Monday, September 8, the friendly neighborhood geek bar gave their weekly game night a spooky ITtheme. Visitors “floated” their way into the bar for a game of IT: Evil Below, giveaways, a D&D one-shot, and themed drinks. 

By this time, many of the gamers within the bar had already seen the second film, and they discussed their thoughts and comparisons over the board of IT: Evil Below while collaborating on methods to defeat the tabletop version of Pennywise. It was also great to witness happy raffle winners win games like MONOPOLY: ITand CLUE: ITto add to their collection. 

Overall, it was a stellar game night and the perfect conclusion to IT Chapter Two’s opening weekend. 

Join the Losers’ Club and Save Derry With IT: Evil Below 


One of horror’s most recognized villains wants to play a game…with you! Take on the roles of The Losers’ Club to stop this looming threat from terrorizing the town of Derry. Defeat him or die trying – it’s up to you.

This 2-7 player cooperative strategy game requires players to assume the roles of The Losers Club’s vigilant members, re-visit notable Derry locations, and come face-to-face with Pennywise, the insatiable supernatural menace. If you work together to counter Pennywise’s attacks and save the town’s children, you win! However, run out of bravery, and you may just be the monster’s last meal. 

IT: Evil Belowis NOW AVAILABLE from The OP! Bring home your next game night centerpiece from your local game stores or order today on Amazon

Do you float too?Then check out even more IT titles from The OP! 

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