Got a Stealthy Appetite? The Op’s Furry Foodies Game is Available Meow!


Furry Foodies

Pet lovers don’t need to be physicists to know about the gravitational pull between a tasty bite of food and the kitchen floor, especially when curious cats are involved! Unoccupied plates are all it takes for the mischievous kittens to tap their instincts and pounce on anything from dinner to dessert—and in this game, the humans are nowhere to be found!

Swipe a tabletop score of your own as one of six cats sneaking snacks with The Op’s newest signature game for the whole family (four-legged members allowed)… Furry Foodies is now available! Get a taste of how it’s played below.

This set collection card game for feline and food enthusiasts made its debut at this year’s Gen Con, where Game Trade Magazine served Furry Foodies up as one of their “Top Cute Games” list at the annual event (known as  “the best four days in gaming”)!

Furry Foodies

Inspired by actual pets owned by The Op team, players take on the roles of one of six cats who can’t help wanting to grab as much to eat as they can. They include: 

  • Rusty – a troublemaking Tabby who always finds himself in mishaps! 
  • Snowball – an all-white, high energy wonder who loves Christmas ornaments.
  • Lola – a sizeable kitten who loves the being the center of attention!
  • Cleo – a Calico who’s favorite hobby is slurping from the sink. 

Surrounding a spread of 25 plates, players move in on numbered cards of food two spaces at a time to knock what they want off the table for points. But watch out for broken dishes! Pushing off the shards alerts clueless humans and ends up taking away from your total. Cats can either aim to collect as many sequential cards as they can in order to form a run, or stack up certain entrees to create sets. Get your paws on a Cat Sak, which act as wild cards to fill in wherever you’re missing a meal.

Simple to learn and easy to take anywhere, you’ll want to sneak in as many rounds as you can to prove your appetite’s not only the healthiest, but you’re also the stealthiest!

Furry Foodies

Want to find yourself among the company of other Furry Foodies? Take a photo of yourself and/or your frisky pets with the game and use one of six custom Giphy stickers to hashtag your Story on Instagram! Simply search for #furryfoodies and place your favorite graphic in the pic, or include #FurryFoodiesgame in the caption of a regular post for a chance to be featured in our, ahem, Feed!

Furry Foodies is for 2-4 players ages 8 and up. Stop kitten around and ask for it from your favorite local game store or online retailer!

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