6 Reasons to Visit Booth #1028 at Comic-Con International: San Diego

There are many reasons to love Southern California during the summertime, but if you’re anything like us, then one of the highlights of your season is sure to be Comic-Con International in San Diego! 

This world-renowned event is celebrating 50 years of bringing together fans and creators of all your favorite comics, games, books, films, television, and much more. Not bad for a show that started out as a one-day “minicon” in the 70s. 

Whether you’re deciding to go to Comic-Con 2019, or you’ve been registered to attend for months, creating a plan of action is very important. A 460,000-square-foot Exhibit Hall will be your playground this coming week, and forecasting which booths, panels, and offsite events you’d like to attend can save you a heap of time and energy over its four-day span.

As you prepare your Comic-Con schedule, here’s why you won’t want to skip all of the awesome gaming and photo opportunities taking place at Booth #1028, hosted by yours truly, The OP! 

Why You’ll Want to Visit The OP at Comic-Con International: San Diego 

 1. Face-Off With Pennywise in IT: Evil Below

With a strategy game like this, “You’ll Float Too!” 

It’s do-or-die in IT: Evil Below, a cooperative board game that allows players to take on the roles of The Losers’ Club and battle an ancient (and famished) evil known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

Gamers will be invited to demo the game at Comic-Con International, choose from character favorites including Richie, Mike, or Bev. Traverse the town of Derry, Maine while collecting notable items from the 2017 film and rescuing missing children who have already fallen victim to the infamous clown.

If you manage to survive the wrath of Pennywise, you can even purchase a copy of the game to bring home! Since limited quantities are available, we’re expecting to sell out fairly quickly. Be sure to get yours before they’re gone!

IT: Evil Below will be available online and in-stores Fall 2019.

Can’t get enough of “IT?” Be sure to ask an OPster about IT: CLUE®and MONOPOLY®: IT.

2. Be Inducted Into the Losers’ Club With FREE Prizes

“Hi there, Georgie!” Stay away from those sewer drains when you pick up a FREE yellow poncho from The OP, reminiscent of the raincoat poor little Georgie wears when he meets his fate with Pennywise. 

Attendees can also pick up an IT: Evil Below temporary tattoo and pose with their new swag and IT-inspired props in front of a green screen that will depict you and your friends at the creepy Stonewell House from the film. 

Your 4×6 photo will be instantly printed and given to you at the booth before you leave! 

3. Show Jimmy Pesto Who’s Boss With JENGA®: Bob’s Burgers  

Bob wants to prove that he doesn’t “SUX!” This fun but steady-handed custom game will require you to eliminate burger ingredients and move up the levels to beat Jimmy Pesto’s Burger Boss score, and it’s sure to be a hit with fans of Bob’s Burgers and the classic game of JENGA® alike! 

JENGA®: Bob’s Burgers is available now on Amazon. You may also purchase this game at The OP Booth. 

4. Trash Your Neighbors With a Game of Astro Trash

This award-winning and fast-paced game is an exciting and chaotic race of “ASTRO”nomical proportions. Players must use the dice to clean all the “trash” from their planet at the expense of other players to their left and right. Whoever is the first to clear their home planet of debris is the winner! 

Astro Trash’s speedy and simple gameplay makes it ideal for a quick game break with your friends at Comic-Con International between panels.

Astro Trash is now available on Amazon and your local game stores. If you’d like to take it home, be sure to pick up your copy at Booth #1028!

5. Test Your Disney Knowledge With CODENAMES: Disney Family Edition  

Disney fans…now is your time to shine! We’ve combined the hit social world game with over 90 years of magic to create Codenames: Disney Family Edition! 

Two Cluemasters will give one-word hints to help their teammates channel their Disney knowledge and identify beloved characters, locations, and items from your favorite Disney films. The first team to decipher all of their Treasure Cards will win.

Whether you win or lose, CODENAMES: Disney Family Edition is great fun for players of all ages. 

Find CODENAMES: Disney Family Edition online, at your local game stores, or bring home your copy from The OP Booth shelves at Comic-Con 2019.

6. Expand Your Tabletop Game Library With Your Favorite Games from The OP 

In addition to our awesome game demos, we’ll also be offering gamers the opportunity to order their favorite titles from The OP right at Booth #1028!

Here are just a handful of the games you can purchase or take home right from Comic-Con International. 

If you’re interested in a specific game, just ask one of our team members at the booth for assistance!

We’re so excited for Comic-Con International to begin. See you there, fellow gamers! 

Check out the full Comic-Con 2019 schedule or feel free to reach out to us anytime if you have any questions about our booth or tabletop games! 

Thanks for Playing!  

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