Unite and Rise: Court of the Dead: Mourners Call Conquers Retail Stores this Fall

Court of the Dead Mourner's Call

Heaven and Hell have been engaged in a constant war by the celestials that enslaves all of existence, even Death himself. To free himself from this struggle and end the war, Death has formed an unlikely council — the Court of the Dead. In this highly competitive, area-control tabletop game, players take on the role of Mourners and join the factions of Bone, Flesh or Spirit. Each faction has a different strategy for how to bring their vision for a unified underworld to fruition and must balance the cooperative needs of Death and the council against their own ulterior motives. 

Players use Guild figures, Mourner cards and Court cards that feature the most powerful members of the Underworld in order to gain power and influence, control locations and gather Etherea as they prepare to take on the celestials and achieve their own aspirations. 

Court of the Dead Mourner's Call

The retail version of Court of the Dead: Mourners Call is designed for 2-4 players and comes with more than 360 game components, 57 detailed game figures and a beautiful illustrated map of the Underworld. 

Court of the Dead Kickstarter contributors will receive their games in August 2019 and the general retail release will follow later this fall.  Are you strong enough to rise, conquer and rule?

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