Conquer Monsters and Take Potions to Graduate Dungeon Academy – Coming Soon from The OP!

Take the mighty pen as your proverbial sword for the fight to earn your Adventurer’s Diploma from Dungeon Academy, the exciting roll-and-write game coming soon to North America through The OP! 

Face threatening foes and collect life-restoring potions in this fast and competitive light strategy game, where players take on the role of students pining to graduate from the most renowned school in the realm. This summer brings the release of Dungeon Academy to the US and Canada through a recent partnership with award-winning French game publisher Matagot.

1-6 players are presented with a series of four tests, or Levels, filled with unpredictable Monsters and healing Potions that comprise the floor of the Dungeon. Each level is randomized by 16 six-sided dice, which are rolled into a 3D assembly and inverted, revealing 16 “rooms” of Blobs, Reapers, Ghosts, Colossuses, Health, and Mana to anxious players once the Dungeon “roof” is lifted.

Simultaneous play begins as students race to draw the most favorable route in, through, and out of each Level, taking hits to their energy from encounters with Monsters, while restoring it with every potion. If any player’s Health or Mana is depleted before their path is resolved, they fail the test and forfeit points, or Glory. The student with the most Glory after the four Levels earns the coveted Adventurers diploma to win!

A selection of Heroes with different personas and strengths comprise the roster, which allows each player an exclusive special ability based on the card they receive at the start of the game. These vary from The Warrior (who can defeat a Colossus at no cost), or The Pirate (who gains extra Glory for going through predetermined rooms), to The Monk (who can switch the healing powers of potions), and The Rogue (who can start the game with two Loot cards). There are ten Heroes to draw from, all equipped in their very own way!

Loot cards act as bonus treasures that aid each Hero along their journey, by allowing them to start or end their path in any room, defeat a ghost without losing Mana, or gaining extra Glory for being the first to exit a Level, to name a few. The factor of timing comes into play when determining the order in which players get to choose their Loot card—the selection is first-come, first-served once a players has drawn their route. 

The Teacher standee guides eyes along each student’s path, verifying as Health or Mana is gained or taken away based on the directive of each die. In addition to Loot Cards and Hero abilities, Quests allow players to earn additional Glory for defeating certain combinations of monsters. The more monsters you defeat, the more Glory you rack up! (Take the safe and easy way out and be left in the dust with a lower score.)

Despite the Heroes’ having to dodge Dungeon Academy’s standard enemies and advanced difficulties (Boss and Labyrinth dice add an extra challenge), their wide-eyed and colorful design make for a fun and exploratory experience. Only one person can walk away with the Adventurers Diploma but finishing point totals also classify players by statuses ranging from Young Esquire, Local Hero, Living Legend, to Demigod—even if you graduate, there’s always more room to improve!

Dungeon Academy is made for players ages 10 and up, with an approximate 20-minute gameplay. Stay tuned to The OP’s FacebookInstagram, and Twitter as well as The OP Daily for announcements, sneak peeks, hints, and videos to learn more about this ultimate roll-and-write challenge for the whole family!

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