Celebrate National Scrabble Day with SCRABBLE®: World of Harry Potter

As National Scrabble Day stacks up your feeds with tributes to the classic crossword game, The Op is setting apart our praises by giving Harry Potter fans a doubly nerdy excuse to declare their literary obsessions with SCRABBLE: World of Harry Potter

In the same way that Harry Potter loyalists love to work aspects of the magical series into their hobbies and interests, Scrabble lovers will embrace clever add-ons to their favorite game that not only cater to strategy, but also enlighten, thanks to the use of an all-new vocabulary.

Get a head start with these rules and hints for citing everything from Quidditch™ equipment to potions and proper nouns (and not saying “Bless you” at the mention of “Accio”)!

World Cup Words

Agility is key for witches and wizards on a Nimbus 2000™, but tabletop wordsmiths will want to act quickly with the heavy-hitting Q and U combo found in QUIDDITCH (the Hogwarts sport) and QUAFFLE (its red ball in play). Plant the 10-point tile on a premium space, and witness your opponents follow the ominous placement of the rest of your double-digit score! 

  • Quidditch is a clue to other sport-related terms with at least 8 points for the T-C-H lineup found in SNITCH, PITCH, and MATCH. 
  • Get an easy 3 points by repurposing the B in the sport’s equipment, such as BLUDGER, BEATER, BAT and BROOM. And you thought it was just a high-speed battle of broomsticks!

Hogwarts Roll Call

Not only is it okay to use characters’ first and last names, but a perk of being a keen reader is having their correct spellings committed to memory! Some monikers that pack a tile-value punch in just a handful of letters are CHO, LILY, VIKTOR, KRUM, TONKS, and DOBBY™.

“Spell” Check

Should you be lucky enough to draw from the needed letters for a long phrase, use these silly mnemonics to spell trickier words accurately!

  • ALOHAMORA – You know how to say it, but how many A’s do you need? Single out the word “Aloha” (hello and goodbye in Hawaii) first, then add MORA. Then, imagine wishing for an extended stay on a desert island and say “I need more-aloha” aloud to remember the two parts to this door-opening incantation.
  • POLYJUICE – Despite your urge to spell the name of a pirate’s feathery shoulder pal, this shapeshifting potion only has one L. One way to remember this: It’s used to transform the drinker into someone else, so think of “polyester”—a man-made, plastic-y fabric. Polyjuice creates fake identities!

*TIP* Included Harry Potter Cards that offer rule-bending bonuses have names that can serve as a guide for word association. And this officially licensed game means you also won’t find any typos that real Potter fans would be able to spot from miles away!

Look no further than the intricate details on the custom gameboard to see how this eye-catching edition stands out from any others. Adorned with realistic Galleon, Knut, and Sickle currency, a Time Turner necklace, and near-3D wax seal graphics on the premium squares, you can visually transport yourself and fellow word searchers to a completely different Scrabble experience! Even the center square features the Hogwarts crest to indicate where your journey begins.

Put your knowledge of the Wizarding World to work and take the lead in this magical edition of SCRABBLE: World of Harry Potter, available now from your local game store or online retailer!

SCRABBLE, the associated logo, the design of the associated SCRABBLE brand game board, and the distinctive letter tile designs are trademarks of Hasbro in the US and Canada {and are used with permission}. © 2019_ Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. HARRY POTTER characters, names and related indicia are © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. WB SHIELD: © & ™ WBEI. WIZARDING WORLD trademark and logo © and ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Publishing Rights © JKR.  (s19)

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