Rick and Morty Presents: A Gift Guide for the Rick and Morty Fan

You don’t need knowledge of theoretical physics to explain what attracts sci-fi animated series buffs to Cartoon Network’s Rick and Morty. The clever humor and mind-numbing story twists hurled at its late-night Adult Swim audience might make it obvious what kind of gifts a Rick and Morty fan has at the top of their list, but how exactly does one procure a portal gun? Forget the gadgets and opt for this list of “must-squanch” Rick and Morty merchandise you can literally get your hands on.

CLUE®: Rick and Morty™

Turns out there’s another uncertainty to look into besides the reason Rick never wears a seatbelt. In CLUE: Rick and Morty, the plans to Rick’s portal gun have been stolen, and it’s up to you and your crew to find WHO is responsible, WHERE they’re hiding, and WHAT item they used to succeed in the heist. The game includes superbly detailed player movers of the entire Smith family and Mr. Poopybutthole, a crazy Clue board that resembles nothing you could imagine from your childhood, and a custom scorepad among other things to draw you into the inter-dimensional mystery! Don’t analyze it, it’s working.

MONOPOLY®: Rick and Morty™

Family game night just isn’t the real deal unless a table is flipped before the coffee comes out. That’s why Monopoly: Rick and Morty is the ultimate gift for the insecure quitter at your holiday dinner party! Use custom Flurbo currency, Flooble Cranks, Glooble Boxes, and collectible player tokens to buy, sell, and trade properties from the Multiverse. Rick and Morty fanatics who catch the attention to detail in every episode will get a kick out of the “Get Schwifty” and “Interdimensional TV” references they’ll find in this classic game for the Adult Swim crowd.

MUNCHKIN®: Rick And Morty™

Give your friends a break from popping virtual balloons in Jerry’s Game by busting out another new version of a classic with Munchkin: Rick and Morty. As with the cartoon series, it may be hard to explain this role-playing, D&D parody’s appeal without mentioning some depraved elements. Creature slaying, stealing, and backstabbing are just the beginning as you play as Rick, Morty, Beth, Summer, or even Mr. Poopybutthole and dare your adversaries to “Show me what you gotttt!”

Rick and Morty™ Puzzle

You gotta listen to me, Morty, get it together! Burrrrrrp—the puzzle, Morty! All five huuuuhhhh-ndrend fifty pieces! Sometimes you just have to take the advice of a derelict grandfather and help him get his essential tremors in check with a task found in this 18”x24” Rick and Morty Puzzle. Manageable enough to wrap but a challenge to complete, it’s a gift that’s more feasible to grasp than a packet of Szechuan sauce.

Playing Cards: Rick and Morty™

The perfect size for a stocking stuffer, these Rick and Morty Playing Cards are just the thing to bring “peace among worlds” for anyone from avid poker players to lone Solitaire shufflers. The futuristic appeal of this 54-card deck includes face cards donning a variety of characters, such as Birdperson and Tammy as the King and Queen of Spades, and even Ants in My Eyes Johnson as a Joker. So even though you’ll come across Jerry (the King of Hearts), you can still technically say you’re playing with a full deck.

Rick and Morty™ Anatomy Park 1,000 Piece Premium Puzzle

All aboard the bone train, it’s time to piece together this 19”x27” study of a homeless man’s internal amusement ride with the Rick and Morty Anatomy Park Premium Puzzle! You won’t have to shrink down to get into this top quality, 1,000-piece look at Ruben’s rib cage. The unique concert poster art style sets it apart from other Rick and Morty merchandise, which is perfect for the closet fan secretly hoping for a gift that doesn’t outwardly celebrate their obsession.

Rick’s Ship Collectible Coin Bank

Practice your version of “GlaDos” from Portal’s robotic voice while you await the arrival of this Rick’s Ship Collectible Coin Bank, perfect for Rick and Morty fans to store away their schmeckles for a rainy day.

Judging by the Back to the Future scene where Doc is fueling the Delorean with old beer and a banana peel, Rick isn’t far off from the time-traveling mad scientist character he’s based on since this intergalactic junk ship was assembled from garbage! The scaled down version of the sentient vehicle is operable under the influence and detailed down to the two duct-taped flashlights on the exterior.

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