Merriment Unlocked: a Holiday Gift Guide for Video Gamers

December 19, 2017:

The last time we anticipated Santa bringing us a new game console was probably before “staying up past 12” meant waiting in line for a midnight release. In a day and age where you can simply tell if someone’s been bad or good just by their gamerscore, surprising an achievement junkie with something unique can require some extra help. From USAopoly to you (or the avid gamer who could use some Yuletide analog this year), consider this your cheat code. Merry Christmas, ya filthy casual.

Fallout® Chess Set – Only at GameStop

Unearth a unique collectible and GameStop exclusive with this Fallout Chess Set, which offers fans of both the post-apocalyptic franchise and classic strategy games a new way to fend for themselves following the nuclear holocaust.

Vault Dwellers, Ghouls, and Raiders alike are able to meet for a competitive tabletop clash with 32 custom character pieces, each designed with a worn ivory or rusted-steel finish to emulate the effects of a harsh and barren Wasteland.

Choose between heroes or villains of the Fallout universe by leading either the Lone Wanderer and his team of ally inhabitants (Dog Meat, Mr. Handy, Brotherhood of Steel Scribes, and Vault Dwellers), or the Super Mutant Master and some of the post-war’s most malicious enemies (the Deathclaw, Protectron, Glowing Ones, Sentry bots, and those troublesome Raiders).

Fallout® Nuka-Cola ™ Checkers

Share a piece of antebellum memorabilia by gifting your favorite Vault Dweller a set of Fallout Nuka-Cola Checkers. They won’t need a special bottle with their name on it to tap into the pre-War world’s best-selling beverage—each plastic checker resembles Nuka-Cola and Nuka-Cola Quantum caps to ensure that your next one-on-one challenge doesn’t fall flat.

Destiny Premium Playing Card Set

Become Legend the next time you gather the clan for a dance party—er, a game of Poker—by busting out the impressive Destiny Premium Dealer Set. This must-have collectible includes a standard 52-card deck, plus two Jokers and a metal Dealer Button inside a compact, lidded box with magnetic closure. Used to indicate the dealer position at the table, the custom Dealer Button is fashioned after the Strange Coin currently accepted by Xur (if you know where to find him!). A few characters you’ll uncover in this set include Zavala and Ikora as the King and Queen of Spades, Master Rahool as a Joker, and The Undying Mind as Jack of Diamonds. Numbered cards feature beautiful background art from the game to be admired by players of any class, even as antes are upped and damage is dealt.

MONOPOLY®: Team Fortress 2

Turn a team-based multiplayer game into friendship-testing, tabletop warfare with this special edition of Monopoly: Team Fortress 2. Commandeer different TF2 maps such as Teufort, Snakewater, and Badlands, Payload Carts (as the Railroads), and Powerhouse and Hyrdo spaces among the three types of properties waiting to be bought up with Saxton Bucks.

The cartoon-style and light gameplay of Valve’s first-person shooter game makes the perfect Monopoly adaptation as it celebrates its 10th anniversary this year! Prepare your Competitive Mode responses and choose from six collectible tokens including a Saxxy award, Towering Pillar of Hats, or your very own Balloonicorn. Be the last one standing over RED Barns and BLU Factories to win this battle for 2-6 players aged 17 and up.

Destiny Puzzle

Guardians who have spent countless hours reporting to The Tower, completing Quests, and congregating for Raids will lose themselves in this frame-worthy, 1,000-piece Destiny puzzle. Regardless of their Faction, fans will find colorful, cartoonish renditions of Cayde-6, Lord Shaxx, Amanda Holiday, and Xur among others in the 19”x27” collage. While the surrounding negative space may serve as a guide for the puzzle frame, but challengers will find that each piece features unfamiliar angles that add an interesting “edge” for Guardians who appreciate unexpected levels of difficulty.

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