Your Portal to Interdimensional TerRICKtorial Supremacy is Now Open with RISK®: Rick and Morty™

The classic war game known and played by generations has been infiltrated with life forms witnessed only through the eyes of everyone’s favorite sci-fi adventurers—and the pressure is on to squanch the other rulers in the Multiverse! Get shwifty and put a different type of domination on the map with RISK®: Rick and Morty™, available now!

In The Infinite Possibilities Across Infinite Universes Edition of this game, you’ll find six unworldly regions in place of the traditional territories on a custom game board, themed with the haphazardly bold look and feel of Rick and Morty™ animation. Crazy Outskirts, Earth C-137 Area, Gazorpazorp, Unity’s Planet, Purge Planet, and The Citadel of Ricks create a total of 39 Territories to claim!

Three to five players ages 17+ will have five Factions to choose from in order to charge through objectives and eliminate enemies: Robotic Exoskeleton Dogs, humanoid Gazorpians, ersatz Mythologs, the resilient Post-Apocalyptic, and our own U.S. Government. Custom sculpted tokens, modeled after figures and vehicles from the show and ranging from ridiculously large heads to a group of Jerry Worms, form the standard single and triple Units.

Their respective leaders, Snowball, Ma-Sha, XenoBeth, Hemorrhage, and the President can practice special abilities in the areas they occupy, giving armies a boost in morale and strategy.

Collecting Schmeckles to combine values needed to recruit more Mohawk Warriors or Steam-Punk Cars may be needed as Reinforcements, but the roll of the dice will essentially declare victory and defeat amidst optional attacks. Over 240 pieces make up the contents of this galactic challenge for hours of role-playing and storytelling that Rick and Morty fans of any depth would appreciate!

Score a ride to the Central Finite Curve and invade locations where the game is high RISK, but bold moves can have WubaLubbaDubDub rewards! Get your copy of RISK® Rick and Morty™ from your local game store or online retailer today! 

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