The Transformation is Complete… MONOPOLY: Sailor Moon Has Arrived!

Revisit the purity of 90s anime with everything you need to take on the Death Buster, outsmart your opponents, and win a classic strategy game with the power of Pretty Guardians in your corner! MONOPOLY: Sailor Moon is available now!

Take yourself back to when this transformational guardian’s theme song became your afternoon anthem. The Pretty Guardians is here to help you defends what’s yours… on the tabletop! Sailor Moon and her friends Mercury, Mars, and Venus among others adorn the pieces of your traditional Monopoly game in a set for fans to buy, sell, and trade their way to the most riches.

Pastels abound on a colorful game board featuring 22 locations named after Sailor Moon’s exciting cast of characters. Friends and enemies such as love interest Tuxedo Mask, felines Luna & Artemis, King Endymion, Professor Tomoe, Mistress 9 and more see you through each fateful space, while taxes threaten you with attacks by the Witches 5 or Death Busters from Tau Nebula.

The journey to victory starts with custom tokens sculpted after six enchanting gifts: Cosmic Heart Compact, Moon Chalice, Spiral Heart Moon Rod, Garnet Orb, Deep Aqua Mirror, and Space Sword.

Cards called Friendship carry surprises that, true to relationships in real life, can bring you joy or throw you off track. Thank Heavens that Love cards open Community Chest-like opportunities that can lift you up when your funds are low! Among the spaces that haven’t changed are Jail and Free Parking, which offer a couple corners where you’ll know what to expect.

“Buying houses by moonlight, winning games by daylight” is destined to become your motto once you own a piece of the magic with MONOPOLY: Sailor Moon! Start the adventure by scoring it from your favorite terrestrial game store or online retailer today!

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