Take a Great Tour with Earth’s Special Forces in TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Dragon Ball Z – Available Now!

Relive the most intense moments from your favorite anime in a battle for power that you can activate anytime, no tournament needed! TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Dragon Ball Z is available now!

Following the Z Fighters and their sagas over the years has you ready to faceoff against fellow Dragon Ball Z fans in this classic game to prove who knows the most. TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Dragon Ball Z has everything you need to drop a Spirit Bomb of knowledge on your challengers, including 600 questions that cover every quadrant of the Dragon Ball Z universe.

Go Super Saiyan in each of these six categories to come out on top: “Z Warriors”, “World Martial Arts and Other World Tournaments”, “Cell Saga”, “Saiyan Saga”, “Frieza Saga”, and “Buu Saga”. A provided six-sided die represents each area of expertise by color. Players will take turns answering as many questions correctly as needed from each category to collect its card. The first person to hold all six colors wins!

Your prize may come in the form of validation for retaining every detail of the series after all this time… or it could be what Grand Kai offered as first prize for winning the Other World martial arts tournament… Would you be able to recall what it was?

If your answer was a free private lesson from Grand Kai himself, you’re on your way to becoming a Dragon Ball Z trivia champion! Present your challengers with a tutorial of your own and get TRIVIAL PURSUIT: Dragon Ball Z from your local game store today!

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