It’s No Secret, Santa! These Adult Party Games Gift the Ultimate Holiday Experience

You’ve freshly procured a festive holiday sweater and updated your RSVP from “Maybe” to “Going” for a casual gift exchange. The invite prompts you to bring a wrapped present, so your low-key stalking of the guest list begins. Who will be there, and what can you bring that will appease the Spirit of Party Goers Past?

As tradition would have it, the night’s focus will most likely be a bottle-shaped bag, unwrapped by one person and “stolen” by another, before the hot commodity has passed through too many hands. The only thing you can be sure of is taking home a decisively unremarkable item, and you’re already wishing the event was centered around a more rousing premise.

Contribute something new to a humdrum gathering by turning up the heat, no fussing with the thermostat needed! Spare your passenger seat from the bag of party ice and take along a prize that’ll liven things up: Your secretive Santa-esque plan calls for the Privacy Game!

Be sure to open up this hilariously inappropriate adult party game to turn every guest’s halo into a pair of horns. Rounds of drinks and confession-based questions will have the creatures stirring all through the house as everyone addresses the “White Elephant” in the room! With hundreds of unsettling scenarios to imagine, your resolution to simply make an appearance may turn into settling in for the night.

You’ll have to guess if your neighbor has “done the deed” in a church pew, assume who’s had a fantasy about a relative, and consider dozens of outrageous hypotheticals that reveal “all the $#!t you want to know, but never asked” about your peers! Be the most accurate judgment passer of the group to rack up points and take home the victory… instead of a set of scented candles.

“Have you ever french kissed a senior citizen and liked it?”

If the inquiring minds in your company prefer to veer off the “one-track” and into more artistic territory, there’s a better option for the living room table than a re-gifted photography book.

Encourage friends to tap their inner-caveman with a hands-on game of Telestrations After Dark, which makes players communicate a humorously adults-only phrase, from one person to the next, solely through a series of doodles. Guessing the drawn clue before “passing it on” makes the resulting sketches resemble a whiteboard edition of Sex Ed 101. The stick-figure artist that has their clue guessed correctly the most gets the D! Ahem—the W, actually.

Be ready to riff into countless and unintentional inside jokes (with people whose names you’re still trying to figure out) and wake up the next day with a TMI hangover plaguing the rest of the day’s thoughts.

Own the life of the party by surprising everyone with a finger-pointing, laugh-out-loud experience they won’t want to pass up next year! What kind of questions would you have walking into a roomful of acquaintances? Play devil’s advocate and get the answers with the Privacy Game and Telestrations After Dark from Target and wherever you buy board games!

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