Get CLUE: Five Nights at Freddy’s™ Now Before the Case (or Pizza) Gets Cold!

Watchful eyes at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria must have been distracted from patrolling at the subtly sadistic family restaurant, as occurrences already known to be quite unusual have taken an even more perplexing turn… and an unsuspecting security guard has been murdered!

As if the animatronic performances inside this pizza joint weren’t bewildering enough, it’s now up to you to collect the details on WHO killed the guard, WHAT they used to commit the crime, and WHERE they stashed the body. Promptly get to the bottom of it all in CLUE: Five Nights at Freddy’s™, available now!

Fans of the popular horror game franchise will take on roles of eerily familiar faces in this special edition of the classic mystery game. Play as one of six character personalities such as Withered Freddy, Toy Bonnie, Toy Freddy, Balloon Boy, Withered Foxy, and Toy Chica, who each have a colorfully illustrated Suspect Mover and base.

You’ll also find six custom sculpted tokens representing items from which you’ll have to whittle down the culprit’s weapon—all innocent enough to begin with, unless you know what can be done with Balloons, a Flashlight, Freddy Mask, Music Box, Freddy Plush, or The Puppet.

A combination of dice rolls and 46 Intrigue and Rumor cards will take each member of the party through nine spaces inspired by the game’s checker-floored arcade and theater-themed environments: four different Party Rooms, Kid’s Cove, the Parts/Services department, Show Stage, and Game Room. Traditional CLUE rules apply to play and win—just keep the Office File Envelope closed until the answer can finally be revealed! Get CLUE: Five Nights at Freddy’s™ from your local game store or find it online and piece together an unpredictable game with a terrifying twist!

© 2018 Hasbro. © 2018 Scott Cawthon. All rights reserved.

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