Family Game Night with Games You’ll Actually Want to Play!

The table is cleared, homework is done, it’s time to bust out that family game! But often times the kids groan and whine about spending quality time with their parents. It’s time to flip that notion on it’s head with some quality family board games that are perfect for family game night and that everyone will actually want to play!

Best Family Board Game to See the Similarities (and Rivalries)

Blank Slate plays to the finicky “sibling rivalry” chemistry that facilitates an uncanny ability to think alike which, until now, has only lent itself to corroborating post-curfew alibis in your teen years.

As the Blank Slate slogan goes, “[Your Family Name] Minds Think Alike” in a casual and easy-to-learn word association game, where you must rely on first instincts and even others’ vocabulary to create compound words, match another’s answers, and be the first to rack up 25 points as a result.

If you’re often faced with the conflict of being your sibling’s best pal or number-one nemesis, leave it to fate by filling in your slates and discovering that you have more in common with “the black sheep” than you’d like to admit. 

Best Kids Board Game to Get Out the Pent Up Energy

It’s difficult enough to get kids to focus their energy on their homework or to sit still during dinner – Astro Trash is a great way to help with that! This fast-paced dice game has a cute outer space theme with planets and a central sun. Players race to ditch their trash to other players’ planets or into the central sun and be the first to have a clear planet. Games are quick and only last a few minutes, but it’s a good way to get the jitters out after a long day and help focus in on a fun and entertaining game.

Best Educational Board Game to Expand Your Vocabulary

It might be harder to gauge the extent of your family’s vocabulary if you grew up with, say, your mom using every G-rated curse word under the sun when you got in trouble. Give thanks to the folks who raised you by letting them win a fast and fun game of Tapple.

Something about the quick reactions, sound effects, and tactical Tapple wheel will remind you of pushing your parents’ buttons as you try to be the last one standing in this casual game of “think fast.” Draw a category card, start a ten-second timer, and name something from that category beginning with an untapped letter of the alphabet until everyone’s been stumped. 

Tapple educational board game

Best Family Board Game to Laugh Out Loud

When gathering with family, having your words and stories twisted is practically a requirement. What you told your aunt somehow gets relayed entirely differently to your grandma, and in the end a hilarious (and not at all accurate) story comes about.

Miscommunication abounds, and laughter ensues. So how is playing Telestrations any different than a conversation with your family? You’re at the mercy of each other’s drawing skills and Grandma can’t blame her hearing aid for ignoring you.

Despite providing ample grounds for wires to get crossed, Telestrations cooperative nature makes this the easiest game to work together and “play nice” to make sense out of everyone’s attempt to sketch the same word. If you’ve conveyed the word “hedgehog” to the clan without anyone guessing it was Uncle Todd’s toupee, you’ve earned the point in more ways than one.

Best Harry Potter Board Game for the Board Gaming Family

Get ready to head off together as a family to Howarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry in Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle. This cooperative deckbuilding board game is perfect for the family that games together as it will take the skills and cooperation of everyone to make your way through the years at Hogwarts. Build your hand of cards with familiar allies, spells, and items from the Harry Potter films and work together to defeat ferocious villains.

Get your friends and family together to play some board games that you’ll actually want to play. Blank SlateTapple, Telestrations, Astro Trash, and Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle are available at your local game store or online!

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