Elevate Your Saiyan Game! Dragon Ball Z Power Up! Board Game is Available Now!

The willful animated characters of the Dragon Ball Z universe have always helped fans channel their inner Z Fighter. Now, a 3D tabletop board game inspired by the series is here to make rooting on these warriors even truer to life. Charge your way to a win in the Dragon Ball Z Power Up! Board Game, and put your training to the test!

In a tournament of its own, you’ll try to get the highest score possible while scaling a multi-level platform and collecting points! Start out with a random LINE UP card to find out which six characters are yours for the “placement” portion of each round. Familiar faces you’ll be able to position include Gohan, Piccolo, Chi-Chi, and more, amounting to 13 popular characters!

After each player takes turns placing their chosen character movers between Levels 1 and 4 of the custom game board, the “movement” phase takes place, in which each player’s pieces are “powered up” with every step closer to the top! With the variety offered by a total of 26 LINE UP cards, no two games are ever the same.

Randomized Dragon Ball Tokens fill unoccupied spots on each level, and can make or break your momentum. Any one of 28 hidden directives can either be played immediately to your advantage, or used towards a neighboring challenger’s pitfall. In the case of losing one’s place, the trusty Capsule Corporation comes through with 15 Capsule Corp cards that can offer relief to those who are lucky enough to draw one!

6 Yes! and 12 No! provided Vote Up Cards allow players to accept or reject the top-tier finalist as champion. Strategy comes into play if, for example, No! cards are reserved for last minute vetoes, making each round’s outcome a surprise… and hard to keep track of who has the upper hand. Only your personal page from a custom score pad has the numbers!

Use your sneak attacks to super charge your movement in a game that pits you and up to five other Dragon Ball Z fans in a multi-dimensional battle! Fly your way to victory and pick up the Dragon Ball Z Power Up! Board Game now from your local game store! 


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