Don’t Drop the Ball on NYE—Plan a Parent’s Night Out with The Privacy Game!

Here’s a prompt for the millennial moms and dads: Hark back on your days as a parent, and try to remember when it was possible, at any point, to trek beyond the borders of your LEGO-lined hallway for a fancy night on the town. Reminisce on the successfully synced departures, made reservations, and all those MapQuest printouts ago, when yelling “3… 2… 1…” at the night’s end was literally to announce a New Year, and not a countdown warning for your children.

As for today, the rarity that dots your social calendar known as “Parents’ Night Out” promises a sort of liberation that comes second to walking barefoot on a crumb-free floor. After all, organizing a fun outing without an early curfew is wishful thinking at best. But alas, the final day of December is upon us, and 2019 is calling for that child-free occasion to present itself pronto (along with the pressure from fellow parents to organize a New Year’s reprieve).

If the phrase “We got a sitter!” is more likely to be heard from your dog trainer than to actually happen in your household, designate a new tradition for the upcoming late-night rendezvous. Leave the kids with their “cool aunt” and go out with the grownups to play The Privacy Game!

This adults-only activity for 2 to 5 players reconnects you with your wild side by revealing all “the $#!t you wanna know, but never asked” about everyone’s deepest, darkest secrets. Containing hundreds of scandalous questions on bedroom behavior, morals, and personal habits, Privacy puts all players on the spot to make anonymous confessions (whether they have or haven’t had certain experiences, would or wouldn’t in outrageous hypotheticals, and so on) by placing “Yes” or “No” answer chips into a secret ballot box.

Each person uses their own color-coded dials to bet on how many people answered “Yes” to each question, and guessing correctly (or close enough) earns you points. In other words, JUDGE away! While the first player to earn 20 points takes the game, the real winners come out with much more info than they bargained for. No one ever has to know who specifically answered what—but within close quarters at your favorite bar or between adjoining hotel suites, it might be too easy to tell! Along with the question cards, answer dials, and voting pieces, the game includes a “Privacy” sign door hanger to designate your restricted hangout.

Whether you’ve had to miss out on regular Happy Hours or turn down a “passion party” in order to tuck the kids in, make up for lost mischief by coaxing out other frazzled parents who could use some time to let loose. Then regress to the spontaneity of days past, when party games involved telling the truth or taking a dare, proudly declaring things you’ve never done, or finding out where an unpredictable bottle spin will point—without the public humiliation.

Not all holidays have to mean house arrest with hours of kid-friendly Hulu. Leave the ball dropping to Times Square and be prepared for a new year of unforgettable nights with The Privacy Game! Pick one up now at Target, Barnes & Noble, or wherever you buy board games!

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