Dialing It In: The Six Emotional Stages of Playing Privacy

We’re likely to perceive being in the presence of randos as intimidating, while the company of friends is comforting… but what if you find yourself among both? The integration of different social circles is bound to happen while you’re visiting for the holidays, so a game such as  Privacy® to break the ice is a definite homecoming must!

Since everyone deserves to know how quickly situations can go from awesome to awkward (or better yet, vice versa) discover how much this adult party game lets you “tell-all without saying a word” with this series of gifs illustrating the range of emotions you can expect before, during, and after playing a game of Privacy!


How honest should I be with these people? How honest do I WANT to be?


Holyyy s$!t… “Have you ever called a lover by the wrong name?” This is easier than I thought. I can tell already who’s guilty just by looking at them!


Your capillaries are dilated; blood is rushing to colder parts of your body, preparing you to make an important decision. That’s just what happens when you’re asked if you’d have sex with the person to your right.


See, why did she even have to MENTION bleaching that? Now I have to PICTURE that!


Nothing shocks me at this point… I’ll just lay low and watch for reactions. I got this.


My worst fears are confirmed. Every person in this room has thought about having sex with a relative… except me.

Can you relate? Tell us when you pick up this adults-only game and find out “the SH!t you’ve wanted to know, but were to afraid to ask!” Tag a friend who thinks they know everything about you and use hashtag #PrivacyPartyGame to share the good, the bad, and the ugly moments of your experience! We dare you to keep it clean!

Find the Privacy Game at TargetBarnes & Noble and wherever you buy board games!

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