Celebrate 90 Years of the Magic! Disney Mickey: The True Original Collector’s Chess Set is Available Now!

The spirit and stories of Walt Disney’s cherished cartoons have moved generations of fans for nearly a century—especially a one-of-a-kind True Original character who is always up for making new memories! Capture our delight at the white-gloved hands of Mickey Mouse and his pals with an enchanting game that showcases them all. Disney Mickey: The True Original Collector’s Chess Set is available now!

Take home a classic game of strategy with a light-hearted twist to embrace nine decades of excitement with the incomparable Mickey Mouse! This commemorative set includes everything you need for a time-honored pastime or impressive conversation piece. It’s as much fun to display as it is to play!

Disney Mickey: The True Original Collector’s Chess Set stars 32 pieces sculpted after your favorite Disney characters, 16 movers each, in bold black and white finishes that mirror each other across a custom checkered game board. The busts of King Mickey and Queen Minnie pose humbly behind their lovably familiar friends. Donald Duck & Daisy Duck beam as Bishops, Pete & Goofy serve as dutiful Knights, Pluto and Figaro are playful Rooks, and Chip & Dale pair up as Pawns.

You won’t find any villains in this challenge for two friends ages 7 and up. With nothing but nostalgia between you and your opponent, you’ll be sharing more than smiles while smartly planning a victorious checkmate.

Introduce a game you grew up with to new players or revisit the memories that keep Disney fans forever young at heart with Disney Mickey: The True Original Collector’s Chess Set, available from your local game store or online. Then become a part of this globally-celebrated milestone of the True Original by searching and posting with hashtag #Mickey90 or #MickeyTrueOriginal on social media to keep spreading the joy! 

© Disney.

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