Begin Your Mission for Order Among Chaos Now with CODENAMES: Harry Potter™

A top-secret guessing game is out for witches and wizards to test their (owl-free) communication skills. CODENAMES: Harry Potter™ is now available!

Work your magic as a Member of the Order of the Phoenix in this cooperatively clandestine game for Harry Potter™ fans! Death Eaters are hot on your trail as you attempt to inform a fellow operative where there are other Members that you must contact. All of them are hidden behind pictures and word Clues that both of you can see… but in order to be discreet, only one word and one number can be spoken to describe their locations!

At least two people ages 11 and up are all you need to play this officially licensed Harry Potter version of the deduction-based, original social word game Codenames Duet by Czech Games. Sitting on opposite sides of this setup doesn’t mean it’s a face-off; the mission is to work together to secretly locate 15 Members before it’s too late!

A double-sided Key card tells each player where nine targeted Members can be found among a 5×5 grid of Code cards. Players must make associations between images and words found in the Harry Potter films in order to clue their partner in on where they need to look. For example, saying “Brew: 2” implies two Codes that are concoction-related. Your partner would then survey the grid for any that apply (perhaps “Polyjuice” and “Cauldron”), and touch them to indicate their guess. If those selections correspond to the red cards on your Key, they are correct!

Among the other Code cards are The Ministry of Magic, offering support but in essence, creating a distraction. If your partner points to cards that are colored gray on your Key,  they have been distracted by Ministry Official, and that turn is up.

Whatever you do, don’t lead them to pick out a Black card on your Key! They will instantly head down Knockturn Alley and be caught by a Death Eater, ending the game.

Time-Turner tokens are used to keep track of incorrect guesses, but you only have so many. 10 to be exact—and if 15 Members aren’t found before the time bank is depleted, your chances have run out and you must play again!

More players can get involved by splitting into two teams, but keep your focus sharp! After all, you only have one word and one number in each turn to sneak past Sudden Death and complete the mission. Fortunately, with 200 included Code cards, 100 double-sided Key cards, and so many ways to connect them, every game is unique!

Wizarding World followers of all levels can both teach and learn something new by working together! Start honing your surveying skills today by looking for CODENAMES: Harry Potter™ at your local game store in a silhouetted white and gold box!

© Czech Games Edition. October 2018. TM & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. WB SHIELD: © & ™ WBEI. WIZARDING WORLD trademark and logo © & ™ WBEI. Publishing Rights © JKR. (s18)

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