More “Mystery” Than “Meat”. CLUE: Bob’s Burgers is Now On the Menu!

Perhaps Bob and Linda Belcher thought hosting a dinner party was one way to share their namesake fare without a glaring health inspection. But protests and grease traps have been replaced with an even bigger problem for the restaurateurs, now that guest “Ned Boddy” has wound up dead! Bob’s Burgers undergoes yet another grand opening as a spin on the classic mystery game in CLUE: Bob’s Burgers, now open to the public!

Join the Belcher family in a “whodunit” that’s more mindboggling than finding mayonnaise in the microwave. CLUE: Bob’s Burgerslets you piece together the answers to WHO killed “Ned Boddy”, WHAT weapon was left behind, and WHICH room of the apartment was the scene of the crime!

Fox’s popular animated sitcom gets even sketchier as players take on roles of suspects Bob, Linda, Tina, Louise, Gene and Teddy to assemble the clues they need to solve the “Ned Boddy” conundrum. 

The collectible game is illustrated by the show creators themselves and includes a custom CLUE board, six Rumor Cards for each of the suspects, nine locations, and six metal tokens to represent the weapons, which include a Burger Phone, Spatula, Horcelain, Wine Bottle, Kuchi Kopi, and Gene’s Keyboard!

A custom score pad (CLUE sheet and envelope) allow you to keep track of what happened where, in nine locations as the Living Room, Bob and Linda’s bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen, Tina’s Bedroom, Louise’s Bedroom, Staircase, Gene’s Bedroom, and Hallway!

Cook up a common cure for 2-6 deductive board game fans ages 8 and up by serving up a contamination-free game of CLUE: Bob’s Burgers. Support neighborhood businesses and get it from your local game store or online while it’s hot and fresh!

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